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The foundation of a successful business continuity plan is the business impact analysis. This comprehensive study of the effects of a disruption of your operations allows for the proper allocation of resources in response. Knowing your vulnerabilities and having contingencies for their effects is the difference between survival and failure.

A tested Business Continuity Plan will give you the confidence that when  disruption strikes your critical operations, you'll have a practiced method to continue or quickly restore those essential processes. Studies have proventhat the majority of businesses that don't have a plan fail within weeks or months. Take the time to prepare your plan now.

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Does your organization have an existing business continuity or emergency response plan that has not been updated or tested in the past six months? Is the plan stored in your office? Are you the only one who has ever read the plan? If you answered yes to any of these questions it's time for a review. Contingency Solutions can conduct a gap analysis with "fresh eyes" to find areas of vulnerability or gaps in your program. Let us help clean off the dust and painlessly revitalize your response program. Contact us today!

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Having a good emergency response plan (ERP) can mean the difference between survival and failure. By definition, an emergency happens without warning. The time to prepare is now, before it occurs. Your ERP needs to anticipate the circumstances that could pose a serious threat to your employees or operations. A successful plan is crafted with your specific situation in mind and considers the options you’ll have available. Keep in mind, even the most comprehensive plan will be useless when a crisis strikes if your staff are unaware of its existence or not trained in its implementation.

It may seem obvious that the best way to avoid a disruption hurting your business is to prevent it in the first place. Contingency Solutions can survey your operations and provide confidential recommendations to prevent losses. Often we find that many of our recommendations require little or no cost to impediment, yet pay high returns in accidents, disruptions and lost productivity that are averted.

Risk can hide in places not easily seen, such as a key supplier’s financial problems, the water pipe destined to break over the weekend, a fire or a terrorist attack. Theseare the kinds of exposures that don’t allow us the luxury of choice. You maynot have control over many of the uncertainties your business faces but, as has been said, “Knowledge is power.” The more you know about how thesevulnerabilities can effect your organization, the better prepared you can be for the unexpected.Contingency Solutions can conduct an assessment of your exposures allowing you to make informed choices for dealing with them.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, disruptions can strike your organization. What would you do if a nearby fire closed your street or a power loss disabled your computers? This is where Contingency Solutions mitigation efforts come into play. Our customized approach will help you reduce the effects of the incident (including cost and duration) and get your operation back to full strength quickly.​

What's your tolerance for risk? We make this calculation hundreds of times a day. The speed you drive, when to change lanes, where to cross the street or whether to eat from that new food truck.  But how often do you consider your business's tolerance for risk? 

Contingency Solutions can help you create a coordinated strategy that considers and sets guidelines for the levels and types of risk the organization is willing, and its employees are authorized, to accept.

Risk is a normal part of every business. Without it their would be no entrepreneurs, no new products or services, no inventions and no design. Unchecked, however, risk can cripple an organization holding back innovation, expansion and even day-to-day operations. Contingency Solutions can help your business manage its risks using a variety of tools and plans, freeing you to focus on your priorities.​

Industry standards such as ASIS SPC.1:2009, BS 25999-2: 2006, NFPA 1600: 2010 and PS-Prep can serve as valuable guidelines in the creation and maintenance of your preparedness program. Certification to one of these standards can tell the world (and potential partners) that your organization is ready for the unknown and that whatever happens you'll be there to provide your product or service.        

​Whether you want to pursue certification, compare your program to best practices or just use the standards as a road map to excellence, Contingency Solutions has the experience and expertise to guide you.

No business continuity or emergency response plan can be considered ready until it has been tested. Tests and exercises shed light on parts that need adjustment and provide essential training for the people charged with executing the plan. Contingency Solutions tests every plan we create or we can develop tests or exercises for your existing plans. Contact us today for more information.​

Training is an essential part of any successful business continuity or risk management program. Contingency Solutions designs and conducts customized training for crisis and emergency response, business continuity plan execution and safety drills. We also create and conduct tabletop and full simulation exercises for the most effective learning environment and team building.