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Customized Contingency Planning and Risk Management


Contingency Solutions provides custom designed business continuity and emergency preparedness plans and training to both public and private sector clients. Our approach is to listen to our clients’ needs, assess their risks and provide solutions. Assuring your safety and the continued operation of your organization is our primary concern.

In today's world, disaster can strike in an instant. Without proper preparation, a single event can shut down your operation and cause injury, property damage and financial hardship. Your employees, your clients, your mission and your bottom line can be significantly impacted.

"Disaster" can be interpreted in as many different ways as there are businesses or governmental agencies. Some definitions include:

· Fire that destroys all or part of your facility;
· Fire that destroys your client's operation, or your key supplier's;
· Power outages that last mere moments, or those that last for days;
· Storms that force mass evacuations;
· Terrorism or the threat of terrorism;
· Shortages or unavailability of water, food or fuel;
· Pandemic or the fear of one, that prevents employees from getting to your site;
· Communications or computer systems failures.

The list goes on.

Whatever your definition of disaster, our certified and highly experienced professionals can help you mitigate or eliminate the resulting loss or disruption.

Our solutions restore control over your operation's recovery to you and are the only option that provides for continuity of your mission-critical operations and the survival of your business.

Now is the time to contact us about reducing your risk!


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Vol. 6 Business Survival Guide - Pandemic Planning

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